Top Animals in Tanzania


The best time to spot the predatory animals is during the dry season. Between April to June, lions live near the river banks. This is when you can spot them. Besides lions, you can also spot Leopards and Cheetahs in the national parks.


The African oryx is a subspecies of antelopes that has an impressive appearance because of its long, powerful horns. Be careful though and very attentive, their long horns are a serious weapon that brought them a nickname “sabre antelopes.”

Common Elands

These giants are the second largest antelopes in the world, that have large spiral horns, thick fur on their foreheads and they also tend to have a large jowl under their necks which disappear when they are frightened. Some of the larger bulls can grow to 1ton and can jump almost 2m.

The Wildlife Of Argentina

Andean Condor

A relatively common creature in the Andes, this New World vulture that differs from any other species. The Andean Condor has a massive wingspan up to 10+ feet, with a white ruff at the base of the neck and, males have large white patches on the wings and a dark red comb on the crown of their head.

Patagonian Hog-Nosed Skunk

The Patagonian hog-nosed skunk is quite charming. They use their little noses to root-up plants and forage for insects. Like other skunks, it can produce a foul-smelling and irritating spray. You'd better not get too close to these nocturnal animals.


Patagonia is home fascinating species, the large hairy armadillo, and the dwarf armadillo. The first one has a specifically large head plate, long hairs on its body, and thick hairs on its underparts that varies from off-white to light brown. The second one, also known as the pichi, has just 11 inches long.

Useful Tips on Wildlife Photography

Choose A Good Camera

With changeable lenses, your camera will allow you to take different pictures. You will be able to take photos of insects from a close distance, or large animals, from far away.

Learn About The Animals

The best way to raise your chances of taking great photos is by studying animals you document. Before you go, learn more about creatures you want to photograph.


You can hone your photography skills in a zoo. It’s a safe place to take photos of even predators animals since all of them are enclosed. It is also a great idea to ask experts that can share with you useful information about all the animals there.

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